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Acrylic paint (hand painted) on shaped aluminium
220mm W x 220mm H x 5mm
Signed and dated, ready to hang on split batten provided, or you can hang it on a picture hook by adding a cord.

This sculptural painting is mounted off the surface of the wall, creating a drop shadow that alters with the changing lighting conditions, adding an extra dimension to the work. The reverse face is painted in a vibrant colour, which reflects onto the wall behind creating a 'halo' around the painting. To get the best effect from this a white wall (or very pale) works best. Bright indirect light helps to achieve maximum effect. These photographs were taken on an off-white wall on a cloudy day.

See the related Blog post here to read more about these shaped paintings, and the story behind them.

Facet is one of a series further developing my recent paintings on canvas, exploring shadows, form and the perception or illusion of 3-dimensions.  

This artwork can either be hung on a standard picture hook, or you can use the mounting system supplied to firmly attach to the wall so it can't move and become crooked - ideal for people who live in earthquake prone countries like I do, and who are offended by crooked paintings! 

It is painted entirely by hand, apart from the final protective varnish, which is sprayed to give it a very even finish. The end result is a painting that appears to be very precise, but on closer inspection small brush marks and faint imperfections of a hand-crafted item are apparent - the hand of the artist is visible!

This is one is staying in my personal collection for now!

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