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Acrylic on canvas
610 x 610 x 36mm
Framed with a Tasmanian oak tray frame
Signed, dated and ready to hang

This was painted after a particularly difficult month for our family, with the deaths of two close family members and an old family friend. Three funerals in a month (and in mid-winter too) was far too many!

I painted this as a way to express the loss at that time, and to remember not just those three people but other loved ones as well. The colours remind me very much of my grandma, and my father, both people who left us several years ago and are never forgotten. This painting to me evokes a feeling of peace and calm, and the shadows hint at the sun starting to come out again.

This was painted entirely by hand, no masking tape used. I prefer to avoid masking tape because I dislike the little ridge that it usually leaves behind . . . and it adds to the challenge, considering that I strive for precision!

There is subtle change in surface finish (gloss/matt) on the horizontal of the 'cross' shape, but sadly it hasn't shown up well in these photographs. I will have to take some more and upload them soon. The painting is not varnished (in order to maintain that texture detail) so it will need to hung in a clean space, away from inquisitive fingers that might mark it.

The lower shadow extends slightly over the edge of the painting.

Signed and dated, and professionally framed in Tasmanian Oak, with a rear dust jacket. The painting itself is protected by an isolation coat and satin varnish.

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