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Acrylic on canvas
455 x 455 x 36mm
Signed, dated and ready to hang

A mixture of translucent layers and solid blocks, playing with perception of form and space.

A lot of my paintings are developments of ideas explored in previous work, and this is no exception. If you check out Inside and Small Study 1-4 you will probably see a link between all of these.

What I enjoy most about this painting is the way it changes when it's rotated - the apparent form (hollow, solid) and direction of movement (rising, receding) changes depending on how it is placed. This was an unintentional thing - I designed it in one specific orientation (and I can't even remember which way round that was now!). 

I paint on a flat surface, and I rotate the canvas as I work on different areas. In the process of painting this I discovered that there didn't really seem to be a 'right' way round for this one, and by the time I had finished I had forgotten which orientation I had originally intended it to be! This one took several months, with pauses to 'live with it' every now and then, then tweaking to get the balance right.

It can be hung in any orientation - swipe through image gallery to see how it appears when hung differently. It's up to you - you choose which way you prefer it! It comes with just one hanging cord attached, but you can choose to change it's location and hang in whichever orientation you prefer.

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