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Acrylic on canvas
Framed with a timber tray frame
610x 610mm x 36mm
Signed, dated and ready to hang

The original sketch for this was done while waiting at the airport on the way home from a family funeral. It was my first 'dark' painting, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've decided to keep it on my own wall for now, I can't part with it yet!

I really enjoy the very architectural forms of the 'shadows' and the way the (almost) white blocks appear to protrude from the surface.

The background on this one has a haziness that I hadn't used in previous paintings, which all had very flat colour. This was my fist experiment with introducing a more painterly background, contrasting the crisp, precise, solid shapes with a very hand-painted background. I like the contrast of the two, and the more obvious 'hand of the maker'.

In terms of my own style, I have a need for precision but I also want my work to be obviously created by hand - it's a bit contradictory, but the fun is in getting that balance just right. I'm happy with the balance in this one!

Protected with an isolation coat and a satin varnish.

SOLD - or more accurately I’m keeping this one for myself!

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