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Acrylic on box board
400 x 400 x 40mm

Protected with an isolation coat and an archival UV varnish
Signed, dated and ready to hang

This, to me, represents winter - the colours and light of winter. Someone said to me that this painting is like looking up at a skylight. That’s perhaps pretty accurate, maybe I was subconsciously influenced by the skylight that sits above me as I paint, giving me a view of the sky and the weather outside.

It’s all painted by hand, with no masking tape used. I avoid using masking tape for two reasons - firstly I dislike the raised edge that results when you paint up to it, and more perversely, I enjoy the challenge of producing a precise edge between colours, with no step where they meet! Scroll through to the other images to see what I mean (and to see an image that looks perhaps a little more like a ‘real’ painting).

This painting has a partner - called Summer - also listed on my website. Perhaps one day when the mood strikes me I will paint two more to complete the four seasons!

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