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Four up, five down

Four up, five down


Acrylic on canvas
305x 305mm x 36mm
Signed, dated and ready to hang

This painting has a non-identical twin called Five up, four down. They are shown together in the last image.

These smaller shadow paintings are based on small sections of 3D cardboard mockups that I made with the intention of developing into sculptural wall pieces. After photographing the card mockups under various different lighting, I decided to try painting the shadows that were formed by the raised squares I had made. And these small paintings represent just certain areas of the card models.

When you look at the painting up close, you can see a grid pattern, created using white paint on white, with a witness of masking tape delineating the squares. It's very subtle, but noticeable on inspection. Each square represents a change in surface height on the 3d mockup. 

On top of the grid, I painted the shadows by hand - no masking tape for these, as shadows have no 'thickness'. And this explains why you (in theory!) should be able to make sense of the forms that are hinted at by the painting, when you view it from a distance.

You can read more about the process in a blog post here.

I still might develop the 3d wall panels - I've tried it with a test piece in glazed ceramic, still needs refinement! If you look at my instagram feed and scroll right down there are images of the ceramic version, though it is not the same 3d design as this painting.

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