amanda wilkinson


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Acrylic on canvas
760x 760mm x 36mm
Signed, dated and ready to hang
Protected with an isolation coat and an archival varnish

I’ve called this painting Loopholes because that is one of the names given to the arrow slits that you see in ancient castle walls - and that is (to a certain extent) what I see when I look at this painting.

Quite often I create paintings with no idea what I will call them, until they are finished. This was one of those. Other times I already know from the outset what I want to call them - some names come easier than others! I even have a list of what I call ‘orphan names’ that are waiting for the appropriate painting to attach themselves to.

It’s difficult to pick up in a photograph, but the background on this one is ‘smudgy’, and there are pale areas, like shafts of light, coming off the white rectangles (which I personally view as protrusions). . . . you can view it all however you want to!

This is painted on a custom stretched canvas, with an Ash frame. 

More images to come.

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