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Memory Fragment

Memory Fragment


Acrylic on canvas
305 x 305 x 36mm
Signed, dated and ready to hang

This is a sort-of-sequel to a larger painting titled Memory. Both paintings were created after a particularly difficult month for our family, with the deaths of two close family members and an old family friend. Three funerals in a month (and in mid-winter too) was far too many!

I painted Memory as a way to express the loss at that time, and to remember not just those three people but other loved ones as well.

When I took detail photos of Memory, one of them was cropped pretty much like this painting, and I liked the pared back simplicity of it - so I painted this little one, hence the name that I've given it.

This painting is unvarnished, because I have used different textures of the same coloured paint (matt and gloss) that subtly alter how it responds to light, giving just a hint of a colour change, like a hazy memory or a subtle witness of something that once was. In order to preserve this subtlety it has been left unvarnished, so it will benefit from being hung where it is not touched or exposed to dirt.

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Acrylic on canvas