amanda wilkinson


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Acrylic on canvas
Framed in a custom-coloured Tasmanian Oak frame
460 x 460 x 36mm
Signed, dated and ready to hang

This painting is the first in a series that accompanies my new shaped (sort-of-sculptural) paintings - these are listed under 3-dimensional paintings on my website, if you want to check them out.

This is more minimal than my coloured shadows series, but still explores perception of shape and form, with seemingly impossible 'objects' depicted.

The background on this one has a haziness that is fairly new in my paintings, introducing a more painterly background contrasting the crisp, precise, solid shapes with a clearly hand-painted background. I like the contrast of the two, and the more obvious 'hand of the maker'.

In terms of my own style, I have a need for precision but I also want my work to be obviously created by hand - it's a bit contradictory, but the fun is in getting that balance just right. I'm happy with the balance in this one!

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