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Hi there - I am an abstract artist living in Wellington, New Zealand, and most days you can find me at home creating.  When I’m not there I’m in my garden, walking up steep hills, or doing the boring parts of running a household with two teenagers in it!

In my previous life I was an industrial designer, which I think is why I have a need for precision in my artwork - probably from years of working with tiny tolerances. I worked for a long time at a big UK design consultancy and was a Senior Associate, designing products for companies who sell products around the world. We loved living there, but eventually family brought us back to New Zealand.

I am fascinated by three dimensions and I have a thing for shadows, the perception of space and form, and how the brain can interpret a two-dimensional object as 3D. I love how the movement of the sun can change an artwork or a sculpture throughout the course of the day. 

I work a lot in acrylic on canvas, and on shaped board. And I am starting to explore ways to bring a sculptural dimension into my work using other mediums. Paintings often result from experiments with three-dimensional models, playing with different lighting conditions. I usually design first on paper, then refine on the computer, sometimes making 3D card mockups as I go to test ideas out before finalising the exact details. It takes many iterations to get to an end result that I am happy with. Often new ideas happen by accident when I copy, paste, delete, rotate or combine layers in the computer, and new designs emerge.

I live in a peaceful part of Wellington beside a native bush reserve, and I often have the birdsong as my background 'music’ - I'm so lucky to have that. When I'm having a bit of a creative block I go for a hike up Mt Kaukau, amongst the trees and the birds to recharge, and because I live in Wellington the wind blows all the cobwebs out when I get to the top!

If you’ve read this far you might be interested in the blog articles I’ve put together, and joining my mailing list. Also, here are five more random facts about me:

  1. I’m an introvert, and so putting my work (and face) online is really hard!

  2. I come from a family of architects (three generations and another in the making) and live in a mid-century-modern house designed by my grandfather.

  3. I speak some rusty Italian, and I’d love to live in Italy for half of every year (…or in France - but my French is even more rusty!)

  4. When I was about six or seven I won a sewing machine as first prize in an art competition. I made a little wall hanging - my mum was a successful weaver and she taught me how to weave.

  5. I've been a judge for the NZ Best Awards, and a product I designed was featured in the Millennium Dome exhibition in London to celebrate the new millennium.

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Equivocal - Solo exhibition (July - August 2019) - Muse Art Gallery, Havelock North
20 Years Exhibition - Kina Gallery, New Plymouth (April - May 2019)
Molly Morpeth Canaday National Painting Award 2019, Finalists exhibition, Whakatāne Arts Centre
Arc, Angle, Plane, Form (March - May 2019) Group exhibition, Gallery 57, Arundel, West Sussex, UK
Dilogical - Solo Exhibition January 2019 - Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington
Playtime 2018 - Muse Art Gallery, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, Christmas exhibition
Taranaki National Art Awards 2018 - Opunake Events Centre, Taranaki
ARTBourne 2018 exhibition - Wellesley College, Days Bay


Muse Art Gallery
5 Havelock Road, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Kina Gallery
101 Devon Street West, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

Gallery 57
57 Tarrant Street, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9DJ, United Kingdom


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